The power of a dream

My dear Beard,

One day you will realize the power of a dream, a hope, a positive thought. Let me tell you a story, about dreams.

This is my little brother on his first day at university 4 years ago.


And this is him yesterday on the last day of school. He got 9,9 out of 10 for his graduation presentation, then immediately got offered jobs from some big tech companies in Asia with x thousands dollars salary for his skill in AI (Artificial Intelligence).



My family was so poor before. We came from the working class in a small beach town. There were days we were on the streets selling toys to make a living. There were days we did not have enough food and clothes. But my parents have a big dream: their children will fly high in life, by their own wings (actually, our names mean birds, airplane, pilot hahaha). When I was 18 and went to university, my dad took me to a relative’s house in hope she could lend us some money for my study. That rich lady said to my dad: “Why do you send your children to school? It’s useless. They would just end up selling toys on the streets like you!”. We went home without any cent from her, but dad told me: “Never stop dreaming girl. You can’t do anything on what people think about you, but you can choose not to care. Remember: work hard, think positive and be kind. Then you could go to anywhere you want and become anyone you want to be”.

He was right. Me and my siblings did not end up selling toys on the streets. We have become exactly the people we want to become, because we’ve dreamt about it and we’ve worked so hard to get it. I become a journalist and travel the world. My sister runs her own interior design company with 50 employees. And who knows how far my little brother could go in his field (since AI is leading the future of the world). Then yesterday my dad told us: “Now you are at where you want, but remember to be kind and humble. Fly high but stay grounded”.

One day you will realize the power of a dream, a hope, a positive thought. Never stop dreaming and don’t let other’s opinions decide how far you could go, how high you could fly. I hope this little story will make you smile and believe in yourself, believe in hardworking pays off and believe in hope.

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