The big year: 10 things i realized when I reached this age

Me and my 32, taken at hometown.

My dear Beard,

I turned 30 last week. For some reasons, it was surprisingly different than any age before. I celebrated it at home with family for the first time since I moved out 15 years ago. My parents made me a BBQ party, my auntie and cousin brought me a cake, my brother helped me out to decorate the house, and my high school classmates came to cheer up with coke, haha. It was like my 18th birthday party, sweet and pure.

Well, I am officially 32 now. It’s been 10 years since I graduated from university and started to work, earn money and stuff. In the last 10 years, I have learned a lot about life, people and the value of human beings in this cruel and random world, but a little chaos make it’s interesting though.

So, at 32, I sat down and pondered my life thus far, for the next 10 years. It’s about time to do something different – something that I actually want my future to be. Here are 10 things I realized when I reached this age.

1. Age is just number

Like everyone, I was so terrified of turning 30. But it was not as scary as what people always say. It was sweet and memorable though. Then the year after when I turned 31, I felt like I was just 21 at heart, and even better than my real 21, I had enough money to buy me a trip to Europe. And now I am 32 and feeling on the top of this world. Age just means a number, indeed.

2. Never too late and nothing is impossible

I have been working at Tuoi Tre Newspaper for 10 years and gave a lot for it. This year, I decided to quit my job, step out of my comfort zone and start everything again, do something really new to me: traveling to the Americas, writing a book, working on an art project, blogging in English and working as a freelancer for my first time ever. My new journey in life has just begun, and the best is yet to come. Hooray!

3. I got over him

In the morning of my birthday, I was so surprised to receive a message from my first boyfriend, who cheated on me 7 years ago. But I was more surprised to realize that I no longer hate him. I got over him, forgave him and wished him a happy life. At the end of the day, even the worst pain has gone. It’s true that you should make peace with your past so it won’t screw up your present and future.

4. I am more attracted to young men

I don’t know why but things just happen like this now: old men stop flirting me while more young men come ask me out. They say: “Woman in her 30s is in her prime. She’s mature, confident, not as needy and good in bed.” Admittedly, I would love to have the healthy body of my mid – 20s back, but I will keep my fortitude, charming, warm, witty personality in my 30s along.

5. Adventure is out there

Yeah! Actually I got to travel most of the time this year for my first time in the America, to accomplish my goals: doing the road trip in the USA; leaving my footprint in Machu Pichu, volunteering in Costa Rica, taking a ride on 1950 cars in Cuba and visiting friends in Canada. They say adventure is the best way to learn from life and find yourself. Let’s do it.

6. I don’t care

That’s always been my biggest struggle, the constant “Am I nice enough? Am I pretty enough? Am I good enough?”. Then at this point of my life, I can tell the concern about what others think of me is one of the useless worries. There are nearly 7 billion people out there. Some of them have negative comments about me, some of them piss me off, some of them oppose my ideas or some of them just simply don’t like me. Conflict is a fact of life. Be relax, everything is gonna to be alright.

7. His personality turns me on

In my 20s, I was very much into good looking men who were tall, handsome and had sexy six packs. That’s all. In my 30s, a hot dude with nice beard still turns me on but if he wanted a second date, we should have had some deep and interesting conversations before, we should have agreed to each other about something in common, or at least he doesn’t complain when I eat too much mango salad. His personality is much more important than, well, his d*ck.

8. My parents are getting old

I was busy to growing up and forget that my parents were getting old. I was busy with my career, my travels, my boyfriends, my shopping, my kitchen, my cat Chiba, e.t.c, and then one day I was much shaken by realizing that I didn’t call my parents for weeks, didn’t visit them for months and didn’t travel with them for years. Like the apple never fall far from the tree, I should spend more time with my dad and mom and try to call them anytime I can.

9. True friends are gifted

I have 586 friends on Facebook at the moment, but most of them I haven’t met or talk or catch up for a long time. They were not there when I got hurt from a bad relationship. They were not there when I won the City Journalism Awards. They were not there when I went to the cinema, ate street food, went shopping, traveled somewhere. They were not there to talk and listen to me, to give me a real hand or a real smile. Only true friends did. In fact, I could now count the people I considered my best friends on one hand, but they are gifted.

10. Life is shorter

In the past 10 years, I’ve been working on something that I truly love and enjoy, struggling in my efforts to turn it into my future calling. Now I turned 32, one more year of my life had passed which means life is shorter. So, they say smile while you still have teeth! Just do it, do it now. Even when things don’t go my way or the good things get away from me but I am ready to be the best me, to see what life has out there for me, to learn and grow. Yay for having the opportunity to age!

Your girl.



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