Sex and the city

My dear Beard,
As of October 2016, I am officially  the columnist for Sex and the City series on Đẹp Magazine, where I offer my commentaries and opinions about women.

This is always my dream job since the day I have watched this popular HBO’s romantic sitcom series. I often secretly found myself in Carrie Bradshaw – the lead character of the series – a newspaper columnist, party girl, fashionista, hopeless romantic woman.

Carrie and me  – we are old-fashioned girls and deeply romantic. We are on our endless search for true love, and refuse to settle for, as Carrie once said, “anything less than butterflies.”

So what?

I don’t know where I will end up , but I do enjoy this crazy journey. On the issue of November, Dep Magazine featured me on the introducing page, with caption: Meet Hoang Oanh – Freelance Writer: ” I consider myself is at the best age of a woman’s life: the 30s. The age got full of beautiful memories from the 20s; yet mature thoughts of an adult; and many exciting plans for my unknown future. I love experiencing new things, traveling, discovering the world, opening my soul, meeting new people, loving someone, and living the dream”


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