Traveling with a complete stranger

I met him online.

We had some good chat over texts and he asked me to join him at the beach for a couple of days. I thought: “Oh my God he invited me to travel with him even we have never met, didn’t he?”. But the fact that “we have never met” made me curious about the idea of traveling with a complete stranger. I have never done that before.

I mean I am a well traveler who have been to over 40 countries on this planet and got to meet so many strangers from everywhere on the road. I did go on safari tour with strangers, hike a mountain with strangers, discover the desert with strangers or even sleep with strangers (in a hostel dorm), but the thing like this: go on a trip with a man you met online is f*cking different. I was panic and excited at the same time. Not only me, even he was nervous himself as well. “I don’t know what’s going to happen? A friend meeting, a date, or a hook up?” – says that guy. I thought he’s a honest guy.
He’s cute though, and we became good travel buddies.  I can say that I have no regret to have done that. There are something I learnt from going on a  trip with a complete stranger man.
Unlike traveling with your boyfriend who you may know for years, spending few days with the man you barely know is something make you feel weird, but adventurous. We are two people come from different countries, different cultures, speak different languages, eat different food, poop different ways, believe in different religions and have different daily routines. He likes beer while I can’t drink alcohol. He wanted to jump into the dark ocean while I was too scared. I woke up very early while he needed more sleep. He reads fiction and I read philosophy. I wanted to go out and eat, he enjoyed chilling a the pool. His breakfast was eggs and toast while mine was noodles, etc etc. But then, dealing with all the difference makes bonding easier actually. We bonded with each other in harmony by forget our somewhat selfish ways and let other in. He was happy to eat street food with me. I even drank two cocktails in one night. I woke up early and got some works done before he woke up. He went to the sand dune with me because I wanted to watch the sunset (but it never came). Not the dark ocean, but I jumped into to the pool everytime he asked, etc. The days with this man made me think about what I did with my relationships in the last few years. I was young, selfish and not enough tolerance to deal with the men I was with. I always asked for what I want first and didn’t care much about other’s opinions. It’s good to learn more about myself from a stranger.
He and I also talked a lot, about everything. Family, career, love, sex, communist, Nazi, kidnap, Japan, phở bò, seafood, pretty people, stupid people, etc. We were surprised that we may the only “couple” who talked to each other (holding hands is a plus) compared to lot of real couples around who looked so cold and serious like they are from 2 different planets. I wonder is it true that people who are in relationships already get bored and don’t feel the desire to talk to their partners? I hope not. I hope it just happens to those unhealthy relationships.
We also talked about our exes. We all went through some break up times and know how hard they were. Listening to his story reminded me to my story, then I realized how different men and women think about that. There’s something men do that women can’t get it, and the other way around. When it comes to love, men and women fall into 2 different holes of responsibilities, opinions, behaviors,… So, we broke up. Time flies, we found our new partners. The new circles begin.
On our last day together, we played the game “Date or Kill”. In fact, we “killed” everyone. But I was glad to find myself still like men who look fit and have nice smile. Just like that. (I hope I won’t end up with a man just because of his wallet). He asked me if I am ready for a new relationship in the near future or not. “Yes, I am ready. I just need to wait for him to come into my life and kick my ass out” – I said.
The stranger has gone back to his country and we don’t know when is the next time we meet again. We might just ended up there. But once in a while, you tend to step out of your comfort zone and do something crazy, something adventurous, something that blow your mind away. I’m not saying that traveling with a stranger will always work out, but it worked pretty well for me this time. There’s always something new to learn about the world and more importantly, about yourself. Even if things go wrong, at least we have a story to tell.

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