My dear Beard,

10 years ago, when I finished college and started to work, my Dad once said: “We are poor, but I believe one day you would travel to London – Paris – New York by your own money!”.

For some reasons, it’s not easy for me to do that, such as:

1. Helping my parents to pay off family’s debt.
2. Financial support my siblings through college.
3. The disadvantages of Vietnamese passport.
4. My ex-boyfriends didn’t want me to travel that much.
5. It’s not common for Viet girls to travel on their own.
6. Health
7. Fears

Few days ago, I landed at JFK airport and finally got to see the Big Apple – New York. Although none of them is my favourite city (I prefer San Francisco, Vancouver and Istanbul), but somehow London – Paris – New York are absolutely  “a must do” while travelling around the world.

“Dear Dad, I made it to London – Paris – New York, all by my own money!”

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