It’s okay to fail

Panama city from top of Cerro Ancon

My dear Beard,

Yesterday Keneice from Jamaica and I trekked up to Cerro Ancon in Panama city. We were about 2/3 the trail then we felt tired (because of being lost, the f*cking heat, the tropical heavy rain, some people we met on the way said the mountain is closed, etc).

And, we decided to …go home.

So, we failed.

But it’s totally okay. 2/3 way is still pretty damn awesome and a million better than not attempting to do the trek at all. More important, we still had a great adventure. “The greatest adventure happens when we get lost”, said Keneice.

Me and Keneice on our first day. Failed!

Then today we trekked up to Cerro Ancon again, with 2 more friends from Colombia and The Philipines. We finally made it to the top and got to see the great view of the city. It’s beautiful up there and worth the long walk.

Me, Keneice, Lorena and Chris on the next day. We made it!

So, sometimes it’s good to fail. People say we learn more lessons from failure than success and it’s true, as we did prepare better to hike up today, we know how to get to the bottom of the mountain without being lost, we know what is the good time to hike up, etc.

Failing is really important part of leveling up, because it’s the synonym of “experience”.

One thought on “It’s okay to fail

  1. When you fail, oftentimes you ll realize the present path you re on is not the right one. And that s okay. You can then seek out new paths and discover what s right for you. But if you don t fail, you might never consider pursuing different avenues. You d just continue on down the wrong path!

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