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My dear Beard,

Recently I hiked and climbed to a mountain for my first time ever. Montaña mountain in Peru, altitude 3,082 meters (10,111 feet) above sea level.

I did it all by myself, no tour, no guide, no travel buddies. FYI, I’m a super non-athlete person who hates all types of hiking, trekking, climbing, etc. The feeling on the summit was so strange and unforgettable.


Today, September 2nd is the 70th birthday of my country Vietnam, 40th birthday of Tuoi Tre (the national newspaper I worked for 10 years before I quit few months ago), and my lovely sister’s birthday in 2 days.

I’m so far away from home these days (right now in a small town in Bolivia). I haven’t spoken Vietnamese, eaten Viet food or met any Viet people on my trip during the past few months, but the further I go the closer I get to my root in my heart.

The special photo was taken at the moment I was on top of the first mountain in my life. Just wanna say something that I barely said before: I LOVE YOU! (Vietnam, Tuoi Tre, my sister and all my beloved people – you know who you are ♥)

Your girl

2 thoughts on “I love you

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