Here’s to 2017 and the fools who dream


My dear Beard,

What a great start to the new year: my shoes got broken and I had to walk on my barefoot at noon. My friends said I look like Cinderella at 12:00 when everything turns to pumpkin and those creepy dog and cat .

So 2017, my goal for you is the same 2016: LOVE.  I hope you will give me enough strength, faith, patience, bravery to see True Love. It’s always easy to say something but hard to actually do it.  And when it’s tough to love certain people, I hope you will teach me to love even more. I hope everyone come in my life this year for a reason.  I attract them so they come and teach me something, then I can grow in certain way.

But yeah, I’m excited to meet my handsome Prince lol

Here’s to 2017 and the fools who dream




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