On the road: Airport and natural love

Sitting at the airports is such a great opportunity to see how beautiful love is in a natural way.


My dear Beard,

Can’t remember how many times I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to somewhere in the last two months. Most of them were because of working, few of them because of traveling in between. And all of them, just me there with my bag.

What is airport? In a formal dictionary, we can find it is something is a tract of land or water with facilities for the landing, takeoff, shelter,supply, and repair of aircraft, especially one used for receiving or discharging passengers and cargo at regularly scheduled times.

To me, sitting here at the airport is such a great opportunity to see how beautiful love is in a natural way. Airport is the place where people say goodbye to their beloved ones. They could be the family who was always there to embrace you, no matter whatever you did. They could be your lover who lights up your life or destroys. They could be your friends who call to ask you out when you are having sex or give a hand when you are down. They could be the city where every single alley knows your secret story. They could even be your stupid chubby cat that usually climbs up to the roof and can’t get down.

It’s always hard to say goodbye. To squeeze  your precious things over the border. I see hugs, tears and kisses around the airport. Somehow, the airport has become a big bank where people store away their sweet memories when get on a plane, between one life and the next.

But wait, it’s not fair just to say that. Airport is also the place where people see their beloved ones again after times. This could be the end of a stressful business trip, with  the husband longing for home with, his wife and kids. This could be the reunification of a long distance love. Then the taxi will go straight from  the airport to the bedroom. This could be the last destination on the way home. I see a lot of hugs, tears and kisses around the airport.

And this time, the airport watches on with a silent smile.

I’ve been to many airports on this planet. Every single time, I’m touched to know that there’s someone who’s waiting for me somewhere. Family, friends, co-workers, boyfriend, lovers, dogs, cats, and even mosquitoes e.t.c.  My friend Lông said once that  he really wanted to land at Vancouver airport after six months backpack across Asia. It would be such an unforgettable feeling to be home again in one piece, see his loved ones and hug them tightly. Maybe even shout out loud: “Dear home, your bitch is back!!!”


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